A few days ago, I was going through my Twitter TL when I came across a retweet by Japheth Omojuwa. The retweet was a clarion call to all Nigerians to join in a social media movement against the dastardly acts in Borno State. Specifically it was a call to help make ‘#BornoMassacre’ trend. I retweeted it out of a sense of obligation not just to my country but to my fellow human beings. See this was not a call to physcial war, or street protest which are advisable by the way, but was just a call to RETWEET!
I watched over the past few days and have seen the #BornoMassacre many times but always from the same two or three people that I follow. A quick search of the hash tag failed to yield a completely different result from my time line. Even as a student of Political science, this issue is yet to be discussed in the lecture hall seeing that we are too preoccupied with APC and PDP saga. Even my university- Covenant University, in all her spiritual endeavors has failed to provide a single session of prayer to our Heavenly Father to secure his intervention in this dilemma. 
Instead, my regular checks to the ‘trending topic’ section of my twitter account has revealed results such as #Ukraine, #gidiculturefestival or a song by a musician who is equally apperantly uninterested by the happenings in this country. I am not even going to dignify many of the egos of leaders of this nation by speaking about how they are chasing political ambition instead of human dignification.
I know this post may probably not even be read by more than 30 people. I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is the insensitivity of NIGERIANS! How dare we accuse our leaders of insensitivity when we are perpertrators of the same offence! Nobody is asking anybody to hold placards in front of government house or the National Assembly. The only thing we ask is to create awareness on the demonic activities of some imps in Borno state on social media and there is an apathy! May God not punish our generation for being wicked!
Am I angry? 
Of Course am ANGRY! 
20 children missing, 49 children killed and someone is tweeting about Gidi culture festival, Chelsea, Liverpool and Jam of life. What happens to all those that will never have the chance to jam up again. Those who will never watch their favorite teams play. Those whose last feeling was the intolorable pain of a bullet, or those whose last smell was the acrid smell of their own flesh burning. We ought to declare a day of National day of mourning both online and offline. 
This is OUR FIGHT. Just a tweet, a Facebook post or something to mount pressure on those miscreants that call themselves government officials and special advisers who have no idea the difference between the food in thier plate and the shit in the toilet. 
If this really is a foretelling of the disposition of Nigeria’s future leaders we might as well abandon ship before it capsizes on our heads! God Bless Nigeria!


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