Why Tochukwu Does Not Want To Have A Daughter

His words rang through my ears but did not reverberate with the beat of my mind. How could he? I cosied myself on Winners bed as I attempted to quell my raging spirit. I wanted to see what element of  sensibility, he would make after such a statement. Houghton he did not make as much a case as I hoped, there are some valid points Tochukwu raised that day.
You see, Tochukwu doesn’t want a daughter. He is not against the joy that a daughter brings to a father. You see daughters bring joy, sons bring pride. Pride dwindles depending on life, joy is unforgettable. Unfortunately, Tochukwu is scared for himself.  He is scared of the unknown. It terrifiesTichukwu, to imagine watching his daughter go through emotional roller coasters with inept men who have not an idea of the profound importance of a woman besides the satisfaction of their raging libido.
It makes me to wonder whether God almighty gave the human race emotions to controll or to be controlled by? It becomes complex to explain a woman who would do anything to ‘date’ Mr. X even if she has to sleep with him on their first date. Does she not know that she has devalued herself to Mr. X. Does she not know that Mr. X has a desire to marry a virgin even if he deflowers an armada of women before he makes it to the altar. Does she not know that to Mr. X, she is but another trophy in his hall of fame. 
I am not ignorant of the fact that this is a two way thing. However it is the you the woman that has garnered my attention. One of the most profound discoveries I have made is that men are visually stimulated and women are audibly stimulated. A woman must undress physically for a man, but a man need only conscientiously pick his words. I say this so that you know, Mr. X will say anything to see, but you must not show everything to hear. 
It is painful to see women dating men that they have no clue what he does when their backs are turned. He may not cheat or double date, but what of the drug addiction, the PhD in 419 or even the child he has hidden somewhere. It is not to say that these cannot be fixed, but when Mr. X cannot tell you and you find out on your own, commonsense demands that you access your relationship. But that is not even what cannonades my thought process. It is when Mr. X tells you he changed or is changing for you! If he couldn’t change for the security of his human dignity, then why would he do it for you? How many years have you known him, and how many of those years has he been providing for you that he can turn his ‘life’ around for you. He is telling you stories that warm the heart, so he can obtain your goody bag.
I am not saying you should look at every guy with paranoia. But be careful the earliest stages of gold is not always pretty. 

One Reply to “Why Tochukwu Does Not Want To Have A Daughter”

  1. Iv had this argument with my sister too. She's not interested in having a female child,and her reasons made sense. Only God can help our generation…and the ones to come,IF JESUS TARIES.


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