Why Ezinne Does Not Want To Have A Son

“It is not that all men are wicked, but I don’t just want to take that risk” Ezinne said. She had just  elucidated as to why she did not want a son. The whole class dead silent at this point. Even the lecturer seemed intrigued. I adjusted the posture of my legs so that blood would flow properly. I would have loved to stand up and react to what Ezinne had just said but, I myself was pondering and secretly praying that I do not turn out to be the man she describes.
You see, Ezinne has a mother and 2 aunties with heart warming stories. Let’s call them A, B and C.
A’s husband, Ezinnes father had turned her into a sparring partner after only 19 years of marriage and 3 child in the equation. She had been to the hospital countless times, three of those times she was treated for mental illness. It is bewildering to wonder how a marriage can go through 19 years of smooth sailing and dock at hell. As Ezinne herself spoke she had hinted that her mother was once again in the hospital and it was definately not because of malaria.
B, had lost her husband five years ago and has been in legal, spiritual and vocal battles since then with her husbands relatives over his property. The sad thing is she was loosing miserably. The lawyers had drained her life savings, she had lost all her husbands belongings except for the very house in which she lived, and the relatives were comming for it. All because she has no son. As if it is not the man that determines the gender of the child.
C on the other hand was facing criminal charges in court. You see C had killed her husband, whether accidentally or not, the court was yet to rule. She had suspected him of infidelity and in her foolhardy behavior, resulted to a deadly dose of acid in his food. Unfortunately for her, the husband was later proved to have been as faithful as an old dog.
You see, Ezinne is scared of having either the assailant or the victim of love. For the guy that follow ladies without using your commonsense, don’t be the mumu that sound sultan describes in his hit song Natural Something. Stop staring at her gluteus maximus and mammary glands like an idiot! Controll yourself!
Also for the men that have turned their wives into boxing trainees, may you not live and experience the wrath of not even God, but your children!

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