Where Are The Men?

feel a shift in social paradigms in my spirit. The culturally inflicted indomitable powers of men is about to be broken. This isn’t a call for women’s right advocacy or bill passages but a change in socio-cultural dynamics. 
There was a news bulletin some time ago on NTA. There was a man, with his wife and three children. His wife had fallen sick and instead of taking the her to receive proper medical attention, he decided to treat her at home with his PhD’s of ignorance in medical science. Eventually the woman died. He did not deem it fit to give her a  burial, probably in a ploy to avoid questions that would arise from friends and family about the circumstances surrounding her death. He carried out his own autopsy and embalmment which was needless to say a mockery of the real thing. He harvested her organs and disposed of them.  With no one to assuage his burning libido, he turned to his daughters  The eldest was 14, the next was 12 and the youngest was 10. He withdrew them from school essentially placed them under house arrest. About a year later when the effects of his embalmment had long since worn off and the neighbors could no longer perceive the smell, not to mention that his young children had not been seen in a year, they called the police. When the police intervened it was discovered that his now 15 year old daughter was heavily pregnant for him and his now 13 year old daughter had traces of his semen in her.
I wish I could tell you that things like this don’t happen but they do! 
There was a security man, with his heavily pregnant wife. Around the EDD of his wife, the man, his mother and his wife’s mother were seen bundling the pregnant woman. When asked where they were headed, the man replied “to go for her circumcision”. To think that a woman undoubtedly in pain because of the stress of the pregnancy would be put through female circumcision then would later her to face the demons of the delivery room with a circumcised vagina!
My question is where are the men? The men who will fight for their wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters. The men who are to be pillars of support and not architects of opprobrium. The men who are lovers not fighters. This is beyond the ladies first kind of man, it is beyond the call to be gentlemen. It is a call to realize and protect what we hold dear! It is beyond the cravings for sexual gratification, it is an appreciation of the finesse of a woman.

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