Nigerian Politics: National Or Self Interest

I have delibrately been avoiding blogging about politics for sometime now because I think personally it’s can waste of my time sometimes. I have said time without number I have no interest in one day holding a political office in this country at least for now. This is because the line boardering the political angels from the demons has become invincible and I don’t want to cross it by mistake.
It is indeed saddening that in Nigeria, sores die from brutal violence and those responsible go free, but yet four men accused of stealing were beaten and burnt with tires. Politicians embezzled money with successive succession and uncompromising indelicacy. In Nigeria the man that steals billions is given a pardon, and he that stealth from the market woman faces the hangmans noose. The average Nigerian goes through a newspaper or TV news and the mention of Boko Haram and kill in the same sentence has lost it’s ability to garner any form of second thought because we have become accustomed to suffering.  
However, I do believe that no Civil society or mass movement will change the destiny of a nation without such a movement infiltrating sensitive echelons of government. Case in point, Egypt. After the admirable and united stance of the people against Mubarrack and the interim military government that followed, they ended back at square one with Mohammed Morsi. The Same thing happened in Libya and Tunisia. 
My greatest fear therefore, is not that the Nigerian people will never stand up and say enough is enough although I also fear that may not happen early enough, but my greatest fear is that after the Migerian people will rise, the wrong people will still be able to regain reputation in the corridors of power. It may not be the same set of people but definately the same mentality.
Prior to the likes of relatively young men like Demeji Bankole, the sentiment was that we needed young blood. Unfortunately the young blood turned out to be running through old veins. 
The fight on the streets to change the state of Nigeria is for some, but the fight to save the state of Nigeria from all levels and offices of governments is for others. My fear is that those people will not recognize their fight on time. 
I can go on talking about the complexity and outrageous insensitivity and  indignity of the Nigerian political parlance till Jesus comes but I won’t, we don’t need more explanations of how utterly asphyxiated this country is, we need solutions, we don’t  need not even a new generation, we need the present generation in power to know it is not too late to mend the problems they inherited and created and that defections to political parties dosent fix a nation. 

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