The Essence of Man is Money.

I was discussing with someone just a few days ago, and he said that the essence of man is to make money. Before he finished the statement an unholy anger rose up in me because of the daring audacity and oblivious stupidity of that statement. (Pls oh the person I was gisting with if u read this abeg no vex, na blog I dey do…lol). While I was trying to calm myself down it occurred to me to blog about my thoughts on the issue. 
I obviously do not believe that man was created with the sole purpose or the primary purpose of making money. I however do believe that man needs money to make sure he comfortably accomplishes what he is suppose to accomplish.
Money is suppose to be a bi-product of your actuall purpose and not your actuall purpose. I had a teacher while in secondary school who had resigned a luxurious job in the bank to teach in a secondary school that didn’t offer half of the money at the bank. What of the woman who left the security of her law degree to work in the risky Nigerian movie industry and is now one of the most foremost names in the Nigerian movie industry. 
The essence of a man is not to make money, it is to make impact in a designated area assigned to that man. There are many people in the world are making serious money and are seriously unhappy, it is because they are chasing the wrong essence for their existence. In a week I loose count of how many people talk to me about how much they want money, but I have little or no count of people who tell me how much they want to make an impact. People often chase money to oil companies, politics and fraudulent activities and sometimes they do find it and sometimes they don’t, but most of them quickly realize money can’t buy happiness.The key to making what I call happy money is to find out what you are meant to be doing. 
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t just make money, they redefined what it means to use a computer.
Donald Trump didn’t just make money he transformed the world of real estate.
Oprah Winfrey didn’t just make money she changed the face of Day-time television.
Mark Zukerbuerg didn’t just make money, he birthed a social revolution.
There is a law of the universe. I call it The Law of Money. It states that whoever searches wholeheartedly for money may never find it and he who finds it dies because of it. The bible says money is a defence but the love of it is the root of all evil. Money is important but don’t be prepared to do anything to chase it. 

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