My view on illumInati

Arguing about Illuminati has always been the one of my most fun filled arguements till I grew bored of it some years ago. I cannot actually remember the first time I heard it but I can remember it was a while before I heard it and before I knew what it meant. I must confess I do not intend to change your mindset about illuminati because that is your personal opinion. I am just telling you mine.
I don’t believe it exists. 

I do believe that we should censor the songs we listen to, the books we read and the movies we watch, but not in the illuminati or rather the illuminati that is commonly portrayed in media that comprises of almost every sussesful musician in the world.  Why?
1. To me it is just stupid.  ( I said to me oh!). I find it hard to understand why I would believe in the existence of an organization so big, that it makes and breaks the careers of everyone labelled a music celebrity. As a matter of fact why is it limited to music celebrities. What happened to porn stars, and porn authors who are celebrated in many circles. What happened to the sensationalist magicians, psychics and demonists. If I were the head of the illuminati and I was actually trying to send people to hell, music would be child’s play and just a starting point.
2. It’s pointless. I have heard about the illuminati for years, I have been in countless arguements and I realized that the people that believe in it’s existence are the people who listen to the ‘illuminati music’ the most. As a matter of fact, I have never met anyone who stopped listening to those ‘illuminati jams’ after watching the documentaries or reading the stories. The irony is people who do not believe in it’s existence hardly listen to the so called ‘illuminati artisits’. What is now the point of enlightening us about its existence when it doesn’t change anything. People preach so that people avoid sin and it happens, we watch documentaries of proper dieting so we can start eating right and we do (sometimes), but when we watch a documentary about illuminati and the next thing we do is to download the actuall song or video to ‘see for ourselves’, you have to wonder whether this whole illuminati thing is not a business strategy. 
3. It’s Demonic. I want you to understand me perfectly. It is biblical that the hand of the diligent shall bear rule (Prov 12:24), it is also biblical that a mans gift makes room for him (Prov 18:16). Those scriptures do not refer to christains or Jews. They refer to the human race. That is why there is the use of the word MAN. So for some documentary to tell me that hard working people ( I do not agree with many of their lyrics and especially videos, but it’s the bible) are successful because of a deal with the devil is in itself demonic. God made that promise to the human race not to the christain body, and that is why you can be annointed and poor if you are lazy. 
4.  I remember watching one of the illuminati documentaries and the only scriptural reference they could give that aptly backed up their arguement was from Ecclesiasticus in the Apocrypha. The mythologies they used to explain one demon transcended  Greek, to Egyptian, to Norse. I couldn’t help wondering why ‘one demon’ would need about 3 different mythologies to explain it when even the devil is aptly explained in each mythology plus the supreme bible. 
Lastly, while I do not believe in the existence of this organizations I do believe you should censor what you listen to, read, watch, say and sing through the lenses of Phil 4:7-8. Not all things are expedient.

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