Why Nigeria Needs You.

Here is an article by Chika Uwazie. He lists several reasons why Nigerians in the Diaspora won’t return home.

1. The political climate

2. Lack of infrastructure

3. Out of touch with Nigeria

4. The comfort of being overseas

Although some people can put together a constructive argument in support of these points, I must say that I found them quite irksome. Being a Nigerian myself, I can confidently say that Nigerians have a solid track record of finding and sticking to the ‘easy and quickest way out’ – running to Western countries is always the solution for most Nigerians and what we are witnessing today are the long-term effects of  these actions.

I always say we need to stop and think (As opposed to complaining); how many Nigerians have had the opportunity to come to these countries to study, graduated top of their class and settled down in the diaspora?! Think of the thousands over the years, the amount of money Nigerians and other Africans have pumped into their economies?! 

Think of all the engineers, doctors, researchers, lawyers, potential political leaders, architects, etc..that have left home and haven’t looked back.

We are the reason why Nigeria is where it is today…it’s our fault! We just have to own it.

My dad is a newly elected politician in Nigeria and just last year we were discussing about the state of affairs of the country and things that he can do in his new post to make a difference – he said something to me that instilled a new level of respect for him in me. He said: 

We have failed; it’s up to you people now (our generation). We have failed seriously.

He then said:

That’s why I worked so hard to send all of you here (he was visiting us in the UK at the time). Not so that you can settle down here and create a ‘better’ life for yourselves here, but so that you can learn, come back home and change things.

I’m just going to leave it there. The song by Sound Sultan : Area, sums up this issue really well. To think it was released in 2006 and we are still discussing the same issue. I believe I have a huge part to play in Nigeria’s future and it is a responsibility I take very seriously.

What are your thoughts on this issue?


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