Keep Calm and Dream On

When motivational speakers and some ‘smart’ people talk about dreams, they most likely will talk about having a plan and they will spend like 10 to 15 minutes differentiating a dream from a vision and a goal (although sometimes I just feel they are all the same thing). However I just want to talk about the art of dreaming. 
When I was like 9 or 10, my Daddy (Tosin Abejide don’t vex cause I said Daddy oh), would force my sister and I to observe siesta. (The thing is when you are that age, you hate sleep). So I would lie down on my bed and imagine for hours and hours. In Js 2, I would make 2hr long movies in my head then tell my friends about my latest box office hit (where all the cast and crew where figments of my imaginations). For some reason I don’t know I discovered I can now no longer make movies in my head that are 2 minutes long before my hyper-active mind moves to another continent. 
Never the less, I still have my dreams. And I would like to share some with you. (Adora if you steal them…just try first and see). I have three dominant talents. I sing, I talk twice as much as I sing (sometimes oh!) and I write (obviously who owns this blog…oh me…lol). Eh hen, where was I?
One day I dream that I will own my own record label. The goal, to be the Verity Records of Nigeria. (Verity Records is arguably the biggest gospel music record label in America). I dream that I will hold concerts for secondary school children (cause no one ever did it for me). I dream that I will either be a pastor or a motivational speaker or some job that requires me talking a lot. That dream changes on a regular basis. I also dream I will be an author one day, like Chimamnda Adichie except that I don’t want to write novels so probably some inspirational type of writing.
I want to be an awesome dad one day, marry a very lovely, beautiful and patient lady. I want to make my mum proud and pull my sisters cheeks as much as possible before she gets married. I want to sing or preach in Faith Tarbanacle. I want to meet Donnie McClurkin and maybe record a song with him (same goes for Cohbams). 
Maybe I may not achieve some of my dreams, maybe I will or even do more, only time will tell. My point here is this…what is your dream?


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