What Death taught Me (Part 4)

There was a man of God many years ago. He was Bishop Milton Wright. He had two sons. One day, he bought them a toy helicopter and they became fascinated by it. It was their happy place. One day while Bishop Wright was preaching he said, that if god intended for man to ever fly, man would have come with wings. Over 10 years later, his two sons popularly known as the Wright Brothers where the first to fly build and successfully fly an airplane.  
I have discovered that in life not everything we do is because we want to or because we enjoy it. Whether it’s work or school, few people give considerable time daily and weekly to do things (I don’t even mean leisurely activities) that make us happy. Perhaps you are running from one deadline to the other, or just have too much work to do, I want to remind you, that a day will come for all of us  when we will stare death in the face. Whether it’s our death or the death of a loved one. On such a day, would you feel satisfied to have done what truly made you happy? The wright brothers did what made them happy and today, the world owes them a debt of gratitude. 


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