What Death Taught Me (Part 3)

A few years ago, the world was shocked by the sudden passing away of Whitney Huston. She was an icon in her element, a global picture that a black woman could do anything. What shocked the world even more was the cause of her death- effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use”. The coroners office even stated the amount of cocaine found in Houston’s body indicated that she used the substance shortly before her death. Many believed that she had pulled herself out of the pit of drug use. The same drug use had almost irreparably damaged her career and though it did not do that it ended her life. Though death did not teach me not to use drugs (common sense taught me that), it did teach me the value of quickly exiting  toxic relationships.

The popular belief is that Whitney’s problem started the day she got married to Bobby Brown. Very few do not share the belief. I however do believe that the character of Bobby Brown is enough to drive any sane person into drugs if you were married to him. (For the record I don’t have a thing with or against Bobby Brown)

What death taught me is simple, ‘How long do you intend to stay with that toxic partner before his or her character kills you?’ Many people are in toxic relationships and they only fully understand it when it is too late. A friend asked me how a husband or wife could wake up one day and decide to cheat on his or her spouse. The truth is that they didn’t wake up one day and decided to do it, they had been in the process of deciding for a long time. Most times you seldom recognize your Bobby brown when you first meet, sometimes you don’t recognize he or she is a toxic partner till you are dating or even married. That is truthfully sometimes not your fault. But how long will you remain there after you have recognized that he or she is a toxic partner. Will you wait for all hell to break loose? Why not leave while hell is still trying to open a whole in the floor

The truth is sometimes your toxic partner may not be a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes it’s your best friend or your neighbor, or the guy or girl you seat beside in class or at wok. Sometimes people evolve to become toxic partners. They may not have started out like that but it just happened but you have to recognize when it’s time to leave.

Death taught me, you either leave a toxic relationship or the next long term relationship you will have will be with your coffin in a very prolonged honeymoon. 

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