What Death Taught Me

Don’t worry I didn’t die or have a near death experience so you can relax. However I did have to witness the burial of someone dear to me recently. I had to look into the coffin at the closed eyes and swollen body. A lifeless replica of who I once knew. I had to stand there as the coffin was lowered into the ground.
All these however did not compare to the pain I felt when I had to go through the things of the deceased. It suddenly dawned on me that the clothes will never be worn by the deceased again, the car, the house and everything the deceased owned would forever miss the presence of the deceased.
What death taught me is simple but difficult and numerous. For now I will only say, death taught me the importance of a legacy. I had to look into the eyes of one so dear to me and remember not only the good but the evil this person had done and this person was. Why did I remember the evil? I did because though people may not say it at your funeral they most definately will think it. 
We are all humans, we are never deviod of evil, it’s our skeleton in the closet. It may not be an evil, or evil in the sense of the word, but it is your evil. It is your personal devil. While many may   Never completely get rid of their own devils there is no doubt that we can ‘out-good’ or evil tendencies. 
Death taught me what do you want people to not only say of you but think of you when you are gone. 
P.S. Any mistakes where deliberately unedited by moi…lol

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