Making My Peace With The Nigerian Government

I have come to the realization that the people in government are the same calibre of people outside government. I am not saying that there are no good people outside government which invariably means I am also saying I do not believe that there are no good people in government. However I am addressing the other side of the divide. 
You see I have discovered that there is an attitude of the Nigerian people to the Nigerian socio-political and economic and physical environments that  does not exceed mere discussions and arguements. We talk but we don’t act. We complain about the bad gutters but as a neighborhood we will never contribute money to get the gutter cleaned up (because we know no one will take it upon himself or herself to do it). We complain about government policies but we will never join in peaceful protests for a worthy cause. No while the actions of Nigerians may be deemed excusable because we are fighting for survival I wonder whether the actions of the government is also excusable?
I have discovered all too recently that the average Political office holder, like the average Nigerian is fighting for survival (because money is never enough). Like the average Nigerian has an apathy to the Nigerian environments so also the politician has an apathy to his/her environment which is the Nigerian people.  What I am saying is as the average Nigerian does not care about the environment, the average Nigerian politician does not care about his environment. The difference is that while the Nigerian out of office has a duty to Nigeria in terms of all her environments, the Nigerian in office has a duty to Nigeria in terms of the people of Nigeria.
So I have made my peace with those in government because we have allowed this wrong mindset go with them to the places of power. However for the Nigerians who will someday be in those places of power, the war is just starting. We have to become a people who care more about the country than our states, who care more about our families than our pockets, who care for other children like ours, and a people who are ready to leave the bar room conferences to the streets of decision making.

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