Taking A Step

When I was a lot younger (what am I saying I am just 19), I loved listening to Ron kenoly. I loved his music and I thought for some reason he was in a competiton with every other gospel musician I knew, So I disliked Don Moen, Kirk Franklin and I hated Panam Percy Paul. Today I love Donnie McClurkin but I love other gospel musicians as well. I discovered I could ‘sing and dance’. One day my sister (when she was in one of her moods) started mocking me. That was quite painful but I pretended like it was nothing. Secretly and gradually I stopped singing and dancing. Fortunately I quickly picked up singing again but till today I still don’t know how to dance. 

I joined the teens church choir (when they could actually be called a choir) when I was 11 or 12. One of the girls there who was in senior secondary at the time took a particular liking to my ‘soprano’ voice as puberty had not yet changed my story. Eventually I entered boarding school but I never joined the choir till I was in Js 3, obviously because I thought they were quack (don’t tell anyone oh, but they were and still are even while I was there). But we were good kids trying to make music to The Lord. 
I would never forget the day I decided to join the choir in school, it was during the extension programme (like summer school for those in boarding schools about to write major exams), so the school was empty. I was washing to kill time when someone, through the window threw in water from a bucket for no reason. I immediately entered anger mode and ran out in pursuit of my attacker. The guy ran past a senior and hit him and I followed in pursuit, by the time the senior turned around I was the one comming and he assumed it was me and before I knew it I felt the horrid pain of a hand across the back of my ‘fragile skin’ ( Na ajebo I be oh).  My choir plans where ruined, my back was stiff and I was angry and sad at the same time. However I went for choir practice feeling like someone that they tied wood to his back. 
Fast forward to 2010, I was in SS1 at the time, it was just after assembly and I was about to leave the hall when an SS3 student named Esther walked up to me and told me I was leading worship in assembly the next day. My hear entered my mouth and my brain relocated to my feet. I would have fasted had I not already eaten. The next day I did actually lead the worship singing Don Moen’s be magnified with my eyes solidily closed! That day was a Monday because the principal always preached on Mondays. She came to the pulpit, I dropped the mic, turn to head to my seat when a HOD hinted me that the principal was calling me. Maybe to ask me to turn the fan in her direction? She dropped her bible, and gave me a big hug! Yay! The principal hugged me in front of the whole school! I really thank God he answered my prayers my ministering to people that day. 
My point here is this…I don’t have a point I just wanted to write a post. 
P.S In the words of John Grisham Any Mistakes in this post were intentionally unedited by me!

One Reply to “Taking A Step”

  1. And that was the day your 'headboyship' was sealed! Just like I prophesied in JS3…hahaha I can't forget those horrid choir days. I just had to leave!


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