Relationship From Hell

This is a true life story. There was a girl in her second year in university. She met and started dating this awesome guy. They hung out and looked like they were made for each other. I mean she absolutely adored him. The problem was they saw things differently. She was more of a focused person and geeky in a good way and he was all brawns and no brain. She was on a first class and he was trying to crawl into a 2/2. 

Eventually as this relationship made it to a year and a half, it became more apparent to this girl that she was infact in love. She eventually started deliberately flunking in school perhaps to prevent him becoming intimidated and running off with some other girl. By the time they graduated they were both on 2/2’s.
Maybe you are not as stupid as the girl in my story, maybe you are (I dono oh), you have to set standards for yourself. Like in my story I have seen ‘demons’ date ‘angels’ and I discovered that sometimes they do know what’s going on and how the relationship is adversely affecting them but sometimes they don’t. But when you are in a relationship with a person that has no standards (not accomplishment) both in theory and reality you are in for some life downgrades. Avoid downgrading relationships today. 

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