Nigeria: Myopia & Homosexuality

Yersterday President Jonathan signed Nigeria’s anti-gay bill into law making Nigeria officially an       anti-gay state. While I was elated for the bill it was momentary because I realized Nigeria has too many issues to sit down and be rejoicing, complaining or debating about the new law.
I do not intend to debate my views on homosexuality however my intention is that there are too many more pressing issues for us to pause and take in the moment. There is now a strong anti-gay law, we need stronger anti-corruption laws, we need to start mounting resonable pressure on INEC as a country to guarantee a free and fair 2015 general elections. We as a country need to put closer eyes on ASUU to ensure their acrobatic displays of last year do not permanently damage our brains as students. And of course we need to go to our churches and mosques or even shrines and pray that PHCN will bring light because it is becoming obvious that all else is failing.
Nigerias Myopia must stop. We need to be a consistent country and push until something happens!

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