Thinking For A Change!

I was in still in SS1 that on that day. The teachers were obviously stabbing because over two hours passed and we didn’t have any teacher enter our class. I had started gusting with one of my classmates about life, the future and other ‘serious people gist’ lol. Honestly I can’t remember what we talked about but I do remember this. At one point my classmate said ‘I hate thinking it is too hard’. Let’s just say I was bewildered by the enormity of the statement and how it was said.
A year later, I was appointed as a school prefect and I can say that was the first time I actually knew what the word ‘Think’ really meant.
Dr. David Oyedepo was said ‘all you have is enough if you can think’. And I realized how true but ‘difficult’ that is. You see most people worry, they don’t think. Worrying is pondering on a problem with looking for a solution as an excuse to keep pondering. Thinking is acknowledging a problem and going through probable solutions over in your mind till you find the best one. Worry has fruits among which includes grey hair and no results. Thinking has fruits which include results and maybe some grey hair.
I was very proud to be a Nigerian one day, as I listened to a foreign radio program when someone called the station to say that every Nigerian she had ever met was successful. The truth is that part of the reason why Nigeria is backward is because most of the thinkers have left and only a handful have risen. It is not that I blame them, but I blame those that are here and refuse to think. People who do well think well. Nigerians who do well overseas are not thinking well because they are overseas they are over seas because they think well. 
I remember watching Ebony life Tv’s ‘The Spot’ for the first time (check your DSTV Tv Guide for details) and I was shocked by the sheer ingenuity of the show. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. I was so proud because it was made by Nigerians in Nigeria! That type of creativity for a talk show was unheard of. That is what we need more thinkers, more creativity. 
Look at the music industry in Nigeria as much as I am not a real fan I have to admit it is a cut above every other music industry in Africa. THINKING AND CREATIVITY AT WORK. Hollywood movies are not received world wide simply because they have fine actors and plenty money to spend, no! They have amazing and innovative directors and producers in fact the whole crew and cast are bundles of creativity, the Steven Spilberg and James Cameron order of creative directing. Even the Hans Zimmer type intriguing music backgrounds captivate us. That is thinking at its finest!
Thinking is one thing no one can stop you from doing. They can shut you up, tie you down but no one can stop your mind from working save they kill you! Ask yourself questions like ‘what do you like to do? What is a need around you that you can fix with what you like doing because everywhere there is a  need there is money. How as a taxi driver can you improve your service delivery. It could be as easy as changing the songs you play in your car! How as a banker can you improve your customer service. I was at the airport yersterday in Imo state when someone at the ticketing desk wanted to fight with a passenger! Pure Stupidity!
I heard of two different mechanics in Lagos, that whenever they repair any fault in a car, they give you like a one month warranty where they call from time to time and check on their work. The wonderful thing is that if anything goes wrong within that time frame they fix it for free! Of course they are doing well and always very ‘booked’. 
We need a new generation of home grown thinkers. Who are committed to thinking and creativity.

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