Private Battles


Everyone has their demons or their skeletons in the closet. Many times we feel overwhelmed not necessary by life’s challenges but by our own life. We wonder what people might do if they found out who or what you really do. Sometimes it so serious that we think that God must be insane for still answering our prayers.

Sometimes when God answers my prayers and I have not been on my ‘best behaviour’ I almost cry and sometimes I do thinking why would he listen to me. Have you ever been the cheif sinner immediately after you where the chief saint. 
In secondary school, there was a girl who everyone including me referred to as a hippocrite. She would go and publicly read her bible after she lost control of her mouth and said things she shouldn’t have or did things she shouldn’t have. Then she would cry until she slept. Then we would mock her and tell her God didn’t like such ‘hippocricy’. Eventually over the years she stopped. She became sort of an expert liar, and a very untrustworthy person. 
It was then I realized that it was not hippocricy as much as it was her going about the wrong way of dealing with her personal flaws. We shouldn’t have mocked her but corrected her. One lesson she taught me was the power of not giving up. There is a little truth to the saying heaven helps those who help themselves. You have to not give up. Stand in the midst of your storm. Be persistent in fighting the devils only you can see. And know you are not alone. 
Sometimes in life our personal devils are not there for our own benefit but for others. Look through society people that have changed the world are people who had private battles to fight, look at Oprah 
who overcame molestation of her childhood and is now the biggest woman in entertainment, same goes for Tyler Perry, Tiger Woods overcame the ‘stigma’ of colour to become one of the greatest golfers in history, Hellen Keller, Stieve Wonder, Ray Charles, Cohbams Asquo over came disabilities they never asked for and many more all overcame one personal demono the other and touched countless lives. Imagine people told T.D Jakes and Joel Osteen thought that they would never be great preachers because of a lisp and shyness respectively, today they are two of the most influential preachers in the world. Don’t give up, keep pressing!nYou are one day closer to breaking free
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