In Need Of Strikers

I was watching a football analysis program yersterday and one thing kept comming disturbing me and many football fans like me. See I am a Chelsea Fan ( If you don’t like the club it’s your business…lol) and I myself was suprised when I discovered that Chelsea strikers had only collectively scored 6 goals prior to Jan 1 yet Chelsea was in the top 4. 

I thought it was only Chelsea, till an Arsenal fan called the show talking about how they needed another striker, and how their present striker was not reliable and on and on. Then what was even shocking was when the hosts programme said Liverpool needed reinforcement despite their Suarez phenomenon following their recent losses and in case Suarez was suspended or injured. The funny thing is that Arsenal is at the top, Chelsea is two points away and neither of these two clubs have Reliable strikers!

My point is not to justify or argue with you, am just telling you what I heared. My point however is that sometimes  in life your striker may not be reliable, your life circumstances and opportunities may not always go your way. You may not have gone to that really nice school, but you do have something that you have not used. You have Talents you haven’t developed, skills you haven’t mastered. Like Chelsea and Arsenal while you are waiting for the Transfer Window of life, a good break an opportunity more money, you have to make use of your midfield and defence, the skills and talents yo do have.

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