Planning For 2014

As Far As am concerned 2013 is almost over. However officially it still has a few hours left on the clock. May I ask you, do you have a written down plan for 2014?

I know you may have goals and plans from for 2014 in your heads but have you written them down. I once heard a statement that forever changed my life. It says ‘Your Mind was created for Creativity, not for storage alone, Think on Paper!’ Mike Murdock said your mind was designed for creativity don’t trust it for anything else. Typical example, have you ever asked someone to remind you of something very important and you both forgot?

A Harvard University Research shows that 3% of the graduating Class of 1950 were worth more than the remaining 97% of their class put together 10 years later in 1960. The only difference was not that the 3% where the smartest or from the richest background but that the 3% had the Habit of writing down goals.

Mike Murdock said ‘Your goals must become an obsession to bring them to pass’. One way to become passionate or obsessed with something is to see it mentally as well as physically. To do that you need to amongst many other things write it down.

Go beyond writing it down use a picture also. A picture sometimes conveys more than words can express.

Have a Blissful New Year in Advance



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