Is There Something Fundamentally Wrong with Africa?


I have asked this question to myself time and time again, but I have never been able to answer it. I must first acknowledge that there have been tremendous achievements all over the world by people of  African descent. It is ignorance and stupidity to deny the profound impact of black people throughout history.

However, the history of the black race has been characterized by tremendous obstacles, many of which we have indeed overcome, and many others which we are still struggling with and with no end in sight. It appears the black race is always backward, easily manipulated and almost always in need of assistance.

The situation is so dire that many have sited a conspiracy against the black race and African continent as the cause of our dilemma. While you cannot fault their claim or discard it completely, especially if you take a good consideration of the history of slavery and suffering that the black race has had to endure and still endures through racism. This conspiracy theory appears to be so potent that today any move of the west towards Africa, or better still the whites towards the blacks is quickly looked at through the microscope to check for what we now call neo-colonislism.

I would have loved to lie down on my bed and say there indeed was and still is a propaganda by the white man to subdue the black man and that is why we are where we are. But while I cannot say there is no conspiracy with absolute certainty I cannot say that it is not our fault! If I do that, how do I explain the fact that most black nations that are super and over abundantly blessed with crude oil, after over half a century of the end of colonialism cannot build and maintain a single refinery in their  respective countries!

How do I explain the fact that everywhere in the world including the deserts of the middle east have constant electricity, but in most African countries a day of uninterrupted electricity is a day of celebration. How do I explain that even in developed and multi-racial countries  the most dominant race behind prison bars is the black race! How does one explain the synonimity between the black race and backwardness.

As at 2009 only 2 African countries out of 54 had satellites while there are about 20 out of 49 in Europe. I was so said when I read some months back of India’s commencement of a journey to Mars, while Nigeria is busy misplacing satellites. Africa receives an average of 325 days of sunlight in a year by far more than any other continent yet there is no African country with a serious solar energy program. We are too busy forming political coalitions.

A research carried out shows that Africa has 15% of the worlds population and only contributes in production 3% to the Worlds economy. By the year 2050 if nothing changes it will be contributing 6% with 30% of the worlds population. That is 1 out of every 4 people will be an African.

I would like to believe there is nothing wrong with us because f the trail blazers that have come from the African shores, but the time has come for Africa to sit up.


2 Replies to “Is There Something Fundamentally Wrong with Africa?”

  1. the black race should wake up from their slumber and embrace the global race.There should be an African renaissance.More so Africans should be more after intellectual growth and developing their intelligence .


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