My Take on Homosexuality

Firstly let me start by saying this article may or may not carry offensive language, it depends on my mood as I write. Having said that I must state that I am a born again Christian and I believe not only is homosexuality an obviously stated sin in the Bible, take Rom 1:27 for example, it is also JUST WRONG! I must say this to regardless of what I feel about homosexuality, the bible has made it explicitly clear that we must always hate the sin but unconditionally love the sinner. Don’t Judge people, judge actions.

Unfortunately over the last few years we have seen a very great increase in pressure from pro-homosexual states on the anti-homosexual states many of whom are African states. It is also unfortunate that because these countries that advocate for gay rights are regarded as “developed” there is a tendency for one to think that gay rights is a sign of development. It is argued along the lines of human rights, freedom and liberty.
They equate the advocacy for gay rights with the fight against racial discrimination. I believe that just degrades the fight against racial discrimination. Whereas the fight against racial discrimination is a fight for Human Dignity, the fight for gay rights is a fight for mere individual preferences. I don’t even understand how someone will compare the life and dignity of a Human being with who another person can marry. The fight against abortion should even be greater than this issue of gay rights. Millions  of people are dying every day in Syria, South Sudan, Somalia, and many other countries and we are here talking about if a man can marry a man. It’s the STUPIDITY OF CIVILIZATION!
You can imagine my shock when I discovered that polygamy is illegal in America but Homosexuality isn’t. I am fiercely against polygamy, but I would prefer polygamy over homosexuality if I must pick between the two, but none the less they are both wrong.
Its basic commonsense, if two people of the same sex can never procreate, why should they think they have the right to get married or even have sex. Even  if some animals occasionally display homosexual behaviors, must man? What happened to all the superior intelligence. The next thing we will hear is people advocating for Cannibal rights. 
As I wrap up, that though I do not support Homosexuals, the bible warns not to immediately discriminate them, but to correct with brotherly love. I also believe to discriminate against homosexuals in my mind is as bad as any sin. Take a leaf from the Pope. 


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