My best Musicians of the Year

As  the Year rolls away it’s time to recount my best musicians of the year…don’t worry personal prejudices are involved.

1. Tye Tribbet

The Album Greater Than was phenomenal. His appearance at the experience even made things better. Even the charts side me on this one. Plus I love the new hair.

2. Donnie McClurkin

Minus my personal preference for Donnie, this year was a tough one for him with loosing family members, medical issues and all, but he went about doing his thing

3. Tamela Mann

As far as female musicians go this was the year of Tamela Mann, Every time I watched her perform Take me to the King I got goosebumps. How she owns the stage every time without even moving is unbelievable.

4. Sinach

Why Sinach was not at the Experience this year I don’t know, but I do know, the lady definately knows who she is cause I too ‘know who I am’.

5. Vashawn Mitchell

Even if you have never heard this name before you must have heard Nobody Greater. Yep, this is the guy. And truly this year I really enjoyed listening to him especially his new album Created 4 This


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