2013 In Retrospect

Forgive me if I am not cohersive or do not appear to have any point, because I am typing as the thoughts flow to my head.

Tomorrow is Christmas (merry Christmas by the way) and in a few days the year will be gone. But I must confess 2013 was not all roses for me. The begining of the year we started with a fast in church. A fast that was honestly DIFICULT for me. But I did it. I wanted to have started my own record label this year, but that didn’t work out obviously. Don’t worry I haven’t thrown that dream out yet.
This year I was nearly shocked to death when I was given a carry over. But it worked out and that didn’t happen. Then the next semester I got one of the best  results of my life I was trilled. 
I got to try out for a talent show, and despite my best strengths in singing I was given the boot in the quater finals. That was quite painful. Especially since I always use to ‘miraculosly’ loose my voice days before my performance. But as a man…’u noe nau’. But joining the school choir was an awesome move, as a matter of fact I can’t wait to get back there. 
Unfortunately many things in My personal life didn’t go as I would have wished, am still trying to get myself together before I completely undo all the work I have already done. Before I run out of residual steam in certain personal areas. Also 2013 saw an unprecedented family and emotional meltdown for me and my family, eventually someone died (that’s another story) and for the first time in my life, SUDDENLY things changed.
Yes, then there was the girl issue. For at least a quarter of the year, I was completely uninterested in having a relationship, at one point when I was, the girl I eventually asked out said NO! That was painful…for like 15 mins. Then I moved on as I so often do, back to my ‘Single with a difference’ status.
Anyway that’s how my year was…a summary any way.

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