Lessons From My Dad; Be Committed

Commitment is a very rare quality. It is the quality of stars. ‘Initial gra gra’ is not commitment, it is excitement. No one ever does anything worthwhile without commitment. 

There is the story of a man who had a dream of establishing a hotel, but he had no money. So he started a barking saloon with the dream of one day building his hotel. From the barking saloon, he lost interest after about two or three years of inconsistency and moved to a fish pound business, after a year, he lost intersest and borrowed money to start a business center, when he lost interest in the business center  he borrowed more money to start a farm. Eventually this man died without ever accomplishing his dream. His problem was not that he didn’t have any money. It was partly because he was not committed enough to his his little business start producing the money he needed. Neither was he skillful enought I manage the multiple businesses at the same time.
What is your dream, come up with a plan like this man did but do what he didn’t do, STICK TO IT!

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