Jonathan Has Done The Impossible!

Once again I must start by saying I not partisan, but I am concerned with the development of this country. I do believe that perhaps no other person in Nigeria’s democratic history has been able to unite most of his political opposition to the level of the massive coalition that gave rise to the APC. Surfing the web and reading the news I came across pictures of Buhari and Obasanjo, standing together with smiles in a picture ( the issue they discussed…Jonathan). I also came across Statements of Tinubu praising Obasanjo! When has all these ever happened!

It is as if Jonathan is a democratic Abacha or even better, a Hitler. How else can one explain all these united opposition and mass exodus if the PDP. Unfortunately I am not so sure about that. I think Jonathan has stepped on the toes of many people who are now seeking revenge. However, that may not be the sole reason. Perhaps to some of the unified opposition it is his ethnicity, perhaps it could even really be an internal PDP crisis.

Whatever the case is I do believe only a handful of people are opposing him for some of his inefficiencies in office. This is not to say that Jonathan’s whole presidency has been rubbish. I would hate to believe that was true.

The truth is our politicians are almost always theoretically correct and practically useless. Only a few throughout this country’s history were more good than bad. We do need a unified opposition as has now risen, it is good for progress. But when that opposition has nothing else to do than to unseat the present powers they are useless. The goal for a political opposition should be to out do not to unseat! I say it again (because APC is really yet to present evidence that they are truly better, because all these recruiting is not doing anything, if anything it’s worsening matters) if APC has nothing else to offer Nigeria than to rid us of PDP, there is trouble looming especially since everyone knows PDP doesn’t die easily.


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