Inspirational People: Zuriel Oduwole

To be Honest I just heard about this amazing young lady about two days ago and decided to start my new blog series with her. let me introduce you to Zuriel Oduwole. She is an American of Nigerian descent  and currently resides in California in the United States.

One of the most fascinating things about Zuriel Oduwole is the fact that she is only 11 years old. She is an ambassador of Ethiopian Airlines. But that is not even her most fascinating accomplishment . She is the youngest person ever to be interviewed by Forbes magazine. She has interviewed over 10 presidents from Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Mauritius, Kenya, South Sudan, Liberia, Cape Verde and Jamaica as well as other pace setters like Aliko Dangote, The William sisters and Rev. Jesse Jackson. Her Dream up, Speak up, Stand up Program is operational in Nigeria, Tanzania and Malawi.
With all these under her belt she still has the dream of one day becoming the president of America.

Zuriel Oduwole has accomplished in the 11 years of her life what many never do throughout their lives. You are not too young or too old to start chasing your dream. That dream is not unrealistic, you just need to pursue it hard enough. This is the kind of Nigerians we need. Trail blazers of the highest calibre. To make matters better, she is completely assured that God has great things in store for her.


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