Inspirational Nigerians; Chris Aire

He is the Hollywood King of Bling, and guess what he is a Nigerian. So we are not as corrupt as we thought. Chris Aire as he is called today was born in Bendel state today’s Edo state. He left Nigeria at age 17 to the United States to study. Today you don’t get jewelry better than Chris Aire.

His clients range from Rihanna to Snoop Dogg, Jay Z to Usher, Oprah Winfrey to Angelina Jolie.  He started by running his fathers oil business here in Nigeria before chasing his dream abroad. The oil company had over 100 tankers, yet he was able to operate effectively at such a young age. Before you start talking about if his rich background part of why he left the country was to get away from the ‘family name’.

His first goal in America was ‘Education’. The point LEARN SOMETHING! He had to sell burgers all night to pay his way through school. Work at night school at dawn. That doesn’t sound too far from the plight of some underprivileged  Nigerians does it? Of course not! From a major company to working himself to death.

To cut the long story short and because you can easily goggle the rest, opportunities came for him, and he was able to seize them. Today he is the world standard on first class jewelry.

This is what you should learn. Get educated, whether in school or not! Sharpen your talents, skills and gifts. Learn to recognize opportunities and impress your market! This is theType of Nigerians we need! Become one of them!


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