Is APC a Rebranded PDP

Like Many Nigerians I am still looking and waiting patiently to see what becomes of our polity in 2015. with the unprecedented emergence and fast paced growing influence of the APC, one can only believe that just maybe PDP’s days might just be numbered.

But as you form your political thoughts, allow me to share mine with you. I am neither pro-PDP nor am I pro-APC, but I must agree that a time has come for someone to give PDP a real run for their money. However with the ceaseless and trendy defections that are all over the news, I must stop myself and ask is APC not just another PDP?

A significant number of PDP members elected on the PDP platform, have defected to the APC with the excuse of an internal crisis. These are the same people we have cried about for ignoring the plight of Nigerians. Nothing has changed except the party name. And with rumors of upcoming defection by more prominent PDP members, it becomes glaring that the whole mammoth of APC is just to ensure that PDP leaves power.

I am very aware of the fact that there are individuals in both parties that have been outstanding, those are not to whom I refer. I refer to those who have been in power have no accomplishment but have changed sides just to consolidate their power in the upcoming elections.

Therefore if that is all the APC can offer to Nigerians, (None performing Ex-PDP members) they urgently need to reevaluate their relevance and significance to the Nigerian polity.


2 Replies to “Is APC a Rebranded PDP”

  1. I don't see any point in that APC party it's just causing more confusion and conflict between the leaders, though the main aim of the APC is to make PDP make a run for their money(which is good)..but I also think the 2015 election is going to be an interesting one.


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