What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Sometimes in life, you are so overwhelmed by various circumstances to the right and to the left and there is no place to run to and no place to retreat. You are tempted to give up, bury yourself in dangerous Indulgences and anything to forget your plight even suicide. 

One of the biggest crisis (believe it or not) that I have had (amongst others) was failing Waec. I went to a secondary school where it was like a taboo to fail, an admirable quality I might add. To compound matters I graduated as one of the highest prefects while in school, and when the result came out there were too many family problems going on to be compounded by a D7 in math.

It was like my world was about to end. I had to resume in university without Math…to cut the long story short, I couldn’t tell anyone and was always scared I would be forced out of school, but I took a step of faith. I bought past questions (that I never even used) knowing I might not make it till exam time. But God saw my little faith, today I am half way through my stay in school.
Maybe your case is worse than mine, maybe it’s not as bad, maybe it’s exactly like mine, it dosent matter. I know the feeling when you want the ground to swallow you, when you are tempted to ask ‘GOD WHY?’ I know that feeling I can almost feel it even as I write this. But here is what you should do, Stand on the promises of God. 
Donnie  McClurkin sang a song called Stand. That song encapsulates all I have to tell you. I recommend it for you. It says ‘stand when there is nothing left to do’, ‘stand and watch as The Lord sees you through’, it goes on to say ‘after you’ve done all you can…you just stand’. When these words come from a man who went from a child silently blamed for his brother’s death and who was sexually molested by two relatives to a 3 time Grammy award winner and global gospel music sensation, you better believe it! 
God will bring you through this!

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