Developing Your Self Esteem.

Your self esteem is one of the most important components of your life. It is your level of confidence in your worth and your abilities. I must start by saying that truthfully someone will always be more talented, beautiful, educated or even more qualified than you. But that doesn’t matter. Your esteem level is what matters. Good self esteem can overthrow any competition anytime. 
Unfortunately some people with self esteem issues will never admit it, more often than not they are oblivious to the fact that something is wrong with their esteem level. His is because they have built up walls in form of attitudes and behaviors, sort of self defense mechanisms. They take out their low self esteem frustrations on their inferiors, and sometimes their subordinates. They sometimes see conspiracies against them that are not there and are in fact none existent. 
How therefore do you develop low self esteem into a healthy self esteem?
1. Find the cause. What about you do you feel inferior about, your looks, talents, skills or educational qualifications?
2. If it can be fixed, fix it. Low self esteem issues that result from factors like weight and talents can be fixed. Develop yourself. Get on the tread mill, take a talent class, invest time into skill development cause talent is never enough. 
3. Evaluate your Friend circles. Your friends must be people that challenge and encourage you, not those that degrade you, they might appear to contribute to your problem if they challenge you but look at it as a source of positive inspiration. Know the difference between a friend that challenges and a friend that degrades. 
4. Speak to yourself. Tell yourself encouraging things, like how good you look, how great you feel and how talented you are.
5. Find your Niche. Sometimes we have bad esteem issues because we are not necessarily among bad people but the wrong people. I used to be like that. I always hung out around my athletic friends and it started affecting my self esteem. Though those friends were and are still really great friends. But I discovered I could sing and talk better than all of them. I made new friends who did that and very soon…that’s another whole story…but it was cool. 

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