My Take on Nollywood

I just saw a Nollywood porn movie advetisement, plus I am being forced to watch AFMAG by annoying family members.  So why not talk about them…lol. 

Personally I believe everyone who works in the movie industry does their absolute best to make it as good as possible given the obvious limitations. 
I really have only a few problems with them with exceptions of some movies of course.
1. Storylines are too common and show a like on initiative. Every Nigerian above 10 can predict an average Nollywood movie to a detail, some people are so talented that they only need to see the cast list to guess the movies story. And the way they jump time, one 2hr movie will span 20yrs and they all have the same hairdo.
2. The acting does not portray reality. People don’t react in reality the way the often do in the movies. The reactions, actions dispositions are sometimes far from reality.
3. Attention to minor details! 
Well that’s just me sha…lol. Anyway if you must know my best Nollywood movie still remains Phone Swap

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