God didn’t send you to earth with a certificate, or a job he sent you with a mind, spirit and body because that is all you need to succeed in life.
He gave you a spirit to communicate and relate with him like a plane does with a control tower. He made you, so he knows your makeup better than anyone else. You where created to accomplish a purpose only He can reveal. Sometime ago while browsing, I saw a television that went beyond 3D. It literally comes out of the screen with the use of some sophisticated glass. However the manufacturers halted plans for its release because it was too expensive. God didn’t halt plans for you he released you COMPLETE. The only way to do that is to invest into your spirit, study the word, invest in prayer and other spiritual activities as determined by the Bible. 
He gave you a mind to feed with knowledge whether from school or away from school but with adequate and relevant knowledge. Whether they called you dumb or not, as long as you can reason, your all good. You are not brain dead nor are you mentally derailed. When you got here your mind came complete, it’s left to you to determine what to do with it. I have a friend, that as far back as SS 2 he had started reading basic and complex textbooks on C++, today, he is making waves.
He gave you a body to maintain so you can carry out your assignment. You may have been born overweight, with a health condition or even disabled, Hellen Keller was blind, deaf and paralyzed neck down but still graduated from university, became a teacher and activist and today has a holiday in her name…what is your excuse? Get out, do some excersise, eat healthy and my personal favorite sleep well!

Develop your spirit, develop your mind and develop your body!

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