My Morning Inspiration; A Sermon by Pst. Paul Adefarasin

The Mystrey Of Purpose
Pst. Paul Adefarsin.
Moses had originally set out to complete his. God given assignment without the backing of God. He missed Gods timing. 
When God appeared to moses on Mt. Moriah, He was essentially sending him to go back to Egypt, to carry out an assignment that he was still trying to recover from the first attempt after 40yrs.
For 40yrs Moses was recuperating from his botched attempt at destiny actualization. The once fluent Prince was now a meager stammerer. His attires had changed from princely rain meant to animal skin.
However Moses attempted to accomplish destiny for a second time after 40yrs. This time God made him a god, rather than a prince. He tried to save 1 person before but now God wanted him to save 3 million people. 
They told Pharaoh that Moses was back, but he looked nothing like royalty. He looked like a peasant. However Moses commanded godly authority and carriage. Pharaoh and Moses didn’t even have direct communication, Pharaoh spoke to Moses via Aaron. 
After 9 battles between the God of Moses and the 9 gods of Pharaoh, 9 battles that didn’t yield fruit. The fact that God had hardened Pharaohs worsened things. But at last at the 10th battle pharaoh had to let them go.
As long as you are committed destiny maybe delayed but never denied

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