My Confession

This is a write-up I wrote some months ago, enjoy.

It is in a moment of  mixed emotions mainly a feeling of sobriety, anger and personal disappointment, (not to mention the saddening music in my ear)that I have decided to vent my personal frustrations and anger on my blog.

​Like every average Nigerian I have gone through the compulsory rigors of identifying what is wrong with my country, her stupidities and glaring failures.  Yet somewhere in the back of my mind was God reminding me to remember the good. Obviously for most of the day I have shoved those words in one of those redundant filing cabinets in my mind and maybe labeled it “Do not Open Today”.

​There is a reality in which I have consistently failed in assuming personal responsibility on all fronts for my life. A reality that says who am I to question the characters of those in power when I can question my own character in my dreams.

Perhaps, if I had taken personal responsibility rather than just talked about it or planned and dreamt, maybe just maybe I would have touched someone’s life, that someone who could have touched another someone.


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