Get over it! Move on! It’s life!

One thing that life often does without any recourse is to knock the wind right out of our sails. Often time we are tempted to settle down in despondency and self pity. Sometimes we go around telling everyone and anyone with enough patience to listen and reason all that has gone wrong. Someother times we bottle it up and keep it to ourselves. But like a ticking bomb we soon explode whether in private or public. 

I remember holding something that was so painful within me that, one day during a church service I just completely broke down in tears. I couldn’t help it, I was even more concerned with not getting myself embarrassed than I was with the actually reason why I was crying. Eventually, I had to do what I am telling you to do. Get over it! Move on! It’s life! 

I heard the story of a girl whose dropped from a first class to narrowly escaping a 2/2 because she got dumped! 
You see your mouth can do so much, Sometimes you need to tell yourself ‘I am better than this’, ‘Nothing is wrong with me’, ‘I can do all things’. Your mind is the most easily influencible thing in the world. Why not influence it with your mouth. Also getting good and solid advice can never be over emphasized. 


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