Say What Now?

Its not unusual within the context of the Nigerian experiment to hear public figures whether inside or outside public or political office to speak carelessly in the name of speaking the truth. I am not against speaking the truth but I am against stirring up unnecessary controversy and confrontation. However this problem doesn’t start from our public figures because almost everybody does it.

Your mind is the final frontier of your privacy. Not everything ought to be said and some things that ought to be said ought to be said in certain context. Ever wonder why many people don’t appreciate being told what to do, but if you suggest it, you can often deliver the same message and get better results.
Take for example, my sister and I were suppose to go somewhere with someone. Now the person was waiting for us, but my sister was into all the make-up and was packing, scattering and repacking her hair. I was getting all frustrated and was trying to tell her we needed to leave. Well obviously that didn’t work. Eventually I just kept quiet and started starring at her. Within 10 seconds it was like film trick…she rushed and was ready. 
I was able to pass my message more with my eyes than even with my mouth.
Shouting and yelling rarely works effectiveness. Keep your calm, keep your peace. It might be hard but just to it. Don’t become known as that shouting neighbor, or hot-tempered friend. I know cause I’ve been there.

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