Resilient Dreams

I heard the story of  a one time jobless man called Steve Harris who sat down in his house and decided that in one year he wanted to make about N30 billion. In the next one year this man made over N17 million. Definitely not up to the N30 million but way better than poverty. I have discovered that one of the differences between successful people and those who are not is not in the presence or absence of a dream, as a matter of fact every human being has a dream. It may be good bad, big or small but a dream none the less. but not all dreams are what I call resilient dreams. These are dreams that don’t die, they break down the obstacles, they are outrageous especially when you look at your current situation.

Bill Clinton decided at an early age against all reason that one day he wanted to be the president of America. He became that.
Bill Gates had a massive dream to put a computer in every home, in 1977, the president of Digital Equipment Corporation was asked to invest in Microsoft, he said “there is no reason for anyone to have a computer in their homes”.
The late Clifford Roberts founder of the Masters golf tournament said “as long as I live caddy’s will be black and golfers will be white”. One year before he died in 1977, Tiger Woods won the masters tournament.
T.D Jakes, told his mother when he was 8 or 9 years old, against all reason and logic, that he was addressed as Mrs. Jakes son but a time would come when she would come to hear him speak and be addressed as Thomas Dexter’s (TD) Mother, on September 17 2001, he was featured on the cover of Time magazine as one of the best preachers of all time and a possible successor of Billy Graham.

How Resilient is your dream?


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