FYI; Love is Actually a Choice

When you study cultures where arraigned marriages are a norm as against more liberal cultures of Europe and America, you will discover that the former has a lower divorce rate. As a matter of fact the U.K Daily mail (March 4 2011) published an article that says arraigned marriages are more likely to last than marriages of passion. To further prove that I am not mad, a survey shows that India (known notoriously for arraigned marriages) has a crude divorce rate of 1.01 while the U.S is 3.6! This is because people in arraigned marriages develop the ability out of lack of choice to choose to fall in love.

Here is my point…LOVE IS A CHOICE! In my life I’ve observed that I deliberately choose who I like, sometimes more with lesser attention. For a guy, you saw that girl, you didn’t like her body, soul and spirit right away did you? No! You liked one thing first, then another, then  another, till one day you arrived, ‘I like this girl’. The same goes for the ladies. However most times you are not aware that this is what you are doing. I am no psychologist but I do know if you couldn’t controll or decide who you fell in love with then you might as well fall in love with everyone of the opposite sex that you even remotely admire. 

Here is another point, if you decided to love, you can decide not to! So clean your eyes, stand up from the bathroom fall, drop the drug or whatever it is that you are using to suck in self pity and get on with your life! 

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