A Friend indeed keh!

Forgive me but, I am saddened anytime a respectable guy or girl introduces me to his or her friend and the latter is as irresponsible as…irresponsible! Most times as their friendship progresses one person usually begins to go through a metamorphosis. This metamorphosis usually involves either an increase in ones level of reliability (often times it’s temporary) or a decrease in the others level of reliability. 

When you cannot choose friends properly, you can never controll who you fall in and out of love with. Have you ever dated someone simply because your friends insisted? How did that end? Have you ever avoided a break-up because your friends insisted? How frustrated where you? Have you ever been in a relationship that is going south because your friend would not buzz out? How many marriages do you think break because initially ‘my friend said’ or ‘my friend saw’ a lot!
Friendship is the primary and most important level of relationship. Get it right! If you are as careful in choosing who you hang out with as you are in choosing who you date, your life could be a whole lit better. 
The same way you friend zone some people is the same way you should zone some people into the acquaintance department of your relationship office. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to them anymore, but censor your conversations, and your trust. Not everybody you talk to more than hi and hello is your friend! After you leave your parents house till you die, even while in your parents house, nobody can pull your strings like your friends can. Every friend I have I can tell you off the top of my heads why we are friends, what we have in common and what I believe they can or cannot do. 

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