Approach can save your Reputation

There came a day in school during the festivities of the founders day (which was actually celebrated over the period of a week), that the school management decided to hold a meeting with all the students so that they could harvest some of our complaints, observations and suggestions about the school. I remember sitting down for about 2-3 hrs listening to different people come and make complaints. Some where outrightly senseless, some ladies gave theirs with a little attitude and all, others where just rhetorical although some actually hit the nail on the head. However there was one persons comment that stands out in my mind and I doubt if it was because it was the last. 

A 100 level guy, yet to matriculate (actually I was in 100 level at the time) came out and there was a loud ovation from his guys. Perhaps they knew what was about to happen or they just liked him. Why they did that I didn’t know but I was about to find out. This guy took the microphone and I will never forget the first words he uttered, he said ’all of what you have all said is rubbish!’ Honestly, this was the first time I had heard real boo’s. It was strong! 

In my mind I was like why would someone with no reps and apperantly no self respect come and tell 7,000 people that we are all stupid! 

Anyways the thing is this guy made the most sense (am not saying no one else made sense that day) out of all who had spoken, but you see the approach was extremely wrong. Sometimes you have to shove your personal feelings aside to get your point across. Nobody will ever listen to you if their ego’s are hurt you. Truthfully even some christains avoid churches where the sermons are as if someone is reporting them to the pastor. 

The truth is bitter but it must be told without blemish, but the ‘packaging’ counts. Look at it this way whether you eat food from the  pot directly or you serve it in a plate the content doesn’t change, but it’s appearance does. Be smart, what is your approach?

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