Keep Hope Alive (Dedicated to Nelson Mandela & The Loving Memory of Mr. Babajide)

There are several talents that come naturally because you are a human. One of them for some of us is the ability to take in pain and still smile on the outside. Invariably some others must find expressions for the pain any way necessary. 

This is for those of you who sometimes like me can take in personal, and emotional pain to a point where we are often times between pharaoh and the Red Sea. One thing we quickly learn is that the sea does not always divide for us to walk on dry ground. Sometimes we have to swim against the harsh currents and the viccitudes of life. 
What do you do when you are so messed up in your head and the television cannot cure your heartache. What do you do when sometimes despite your best efforts your mind flashes back to the memory that if possible would have been deleted and your heart begins to race. What do you do when news you had hitherto only heard becomes your shaken reality. 
Many times we are suffocated on every side by our suffering and our pain. Like a mighty hand squeazing the life out of you, life will choke you. Don’t be deceived if you have never had reality wake you up at night with its bad breath of fear.
Honestly I have no advice no quick fix. My Bible says ‘my grace is sufficient for you’. I know personally many times I wish the grace wasn’t sufficient, that it was overflowing but that hope is all I have.
Hope is all I give to you. One day, I will get through this, one day I will come out. That hope is the oxygen that fills my lungs despite reality’s grip and boy is that grip tight. That hope is all you need. Keep Hope Alive. 

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