By Chima Odima  Without question, this is certainly not the best of time for Nigeria. With the drop in the global price of commodities, Africa’s largest economy seems to have taken a dive for the worst. Unpaid salaries, salary cuts and mass sacks have become the order of the day and as expected Nigerians are at the receiving end of all these tragedies. However anyone … Continue reading IS GOTHAM STILL COMING?


First Time Clubbing by Umu Nwoke

I’ve never lived the kind of life  that gives people the perception that, they can push me aside and I try to treat people the same way. But people don’t always understand that. When I show respect to some people, they think it’s because of who they are, but, it’s just my personal policy that I am a gentleman and not because of whatever assumptions they have. I had a reason to … Continue reading First Time Clubbing by Umu Nwoke


Will You Hold Your Lips!

  “Will you hold your lips” is not a question, rhetorical or otherwise, you will a heavy price if you assume it is. Your lips will be taken off if you dare respond. Who do you think you are responding to such a non-questioning question? That by the way is also not a question for you to respond to. You don’t ask questions where I’m … Continue reading Will You Hold Your Lips!


The Ugo Archives: The Aba Women’s Riot

  The Aba Women’s Riot is a revolt that started in Oloko, Current day Abia state in the November of 1929. It spread throughout the entire colonial eastern region and became the biggest single rebellion that British colonialists had faced in Africa at the time and to make matters worse it was entirely a women affair. The riot was a while in the making and … Continue reading The Ugo Archives: The Aba Women’s Riot

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How To Date An Introvert

Introvert-Extrovert relationships are problematic. They are polar opposites and their differences are not habits or actions that can be changed relatively easily with proper conditioning, the differences are personality oriented. It’s about how people react in social contexts and how it affects them. Factors like social anxiety; how nervous socializing makes people, shyness, deep thought help differentiate introverts and extroverts but more overlooked is social … Continue reading How To Date An Introvert